Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

Here’s your ultimate 30 minute Pilates workout as part of the 2 week pilates challenge calendar. The routine is the ultimate pilates abs, glutes, back and waist …

By Ronnie

43 thoughts on “Ultimate Pilates Toning Workout | 30 Minutes Abs, Glutes, Back | Lottie Murphy”
  1. love all your classes. Your laid-back style always lulls me into thinking the exercises are easy, but they are definitely not, and I am always encouraged to push myself., and that is why we see results and get stronger. I am 55 and am maintaining good tone, posture, and back, glute and core strength. Thank you for making these videos.

  2. I normally HATE ab work but something about the way Lottie does it makes me enjoy it even though it's hard! Thank you so much Lottie, I'm a healthcare worker and things are stressful but your videos have become a part of maintaining my physical and mental health during the pandemic <3

  3. Love your style and was able to do this as I have torn tendon in my shoulder and tendonitis. Felt soooo good to find this video I could do it even though some poses I adjusted because of shoulder ! Thank you

  4. This is so good! The glute section at the end I wore ankle weights I really felt it, the arms felt elongated too! It’s very mindful practice I appreciate the pacing and cues!

  5. So, I am training to be a pilates teacher and I am also a professional dancer. I have done a lot of classes and yours was the first one that I felt like I was really "pilates" working. Congratulations for that video!!! You are amazing!!!

  6. Hi Lottie, thank you for this lovely class, i love to do it in the morning. I find it perfect to wake up the body (without having high impact or techno music like in a lot of other class). Thank you for your smile and positive vibes ! Love from France 🙂

  7. My first time doing a class with Lottie and I enjoyed it so much! You are so personable and down to earth. So glad to have found this channel!

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