Wed. May 12th, 2021

Starting a home care business is one of the best businesses to get into. In this video series we will show you all the information needed to get started. We will …
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By Ronnie

45 thoughts on “Start a Home Care Business Module 1: Overview of a Homecare Agency | How To Start a Home Care Agency”
  1. I am in NY and just lost my grandmother due to bad care. I am driven to start up a company that can provide the type of care that I would have wanted for my grandmother. I need help!!

  2. Thanks for all this great information. I’m in Iowa and I’m in the process of starting my own non medical home care agency. I want to know how much does it cost for your services I still need some help getting to my business started.

  3. I worked for many non medical agencies. Low pay, no over time pay for work over 40, being forced to perform medical procedures that a nurse or CNA should do. Having clients who's needs are far above what a non medical aid can do. Over weight patients weighting over 300 pounds that need to be lifted by 2 people but I had to do that myself which is impossible. No gloves or masks. This is a shady business. Most companies pay rate is well below the poverty level. This industry is disgusting to me. The employees suffer the patients suffer. It's corporate welfare pay for by the government waiver program only way the majority of patients can have a caregiver in their home. Walmart employees earn more than a caregiver taking care of a frail elderly patient.most companies I work for never did a criminal background check drug screening or called any of my references. If you want to be a caregiver the only benefit you will get is being on food stamps. The owners of these companies make so much but pay their employees starvation wages. The devil has a special for the owners of these companies.

  4. Greetings.. Very motivating video what has awaken and given me an insight purpose which I had in mind or goal for opening a home care agency.. Am a Senior Nurse based in Cameroon and am so much interested to open a home care agency so please am open to your advice and directives … Thanks

  5. I work through a CDS company here in Texas, (Consumer Direct Services) and thought of a home health company startup (nonmedical assisted living) but the difference was, I would start my own company and then do the work myself. I already have four clients that are stuck with me for life. The problem is I don't make anything with each of the providing companies. Is it possible to start your own home health caring and then do your own work to start as in my case?

  6. Hi Michael. Great video. My wife and I are thinking of starting helping people in the home health industry in Arizona. How much money should I start with in order to have your coaching all the way to having our first members(clients)?

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