Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

I’ve created this workout based on a request from an older viewer who said ‘could you do something for us older people who are getting a bit stiff and achy’.

By Ronnie

48 thoughts on “Standing Pilates for Seniors- 30 minutes of exercise to Improve Strength & Build Confidence”
  1. Hello everyone, I wanted to say thank you for your support for this video, so pleased you enjoy it. I am planning to film some more workouts for Seniors very soon. Wishing you a wonderful day, stay safe and best wishes, Rachel 😊

  2. Thank you so much for this – as a recently retired 64 year old who spend a lifetime at a desk, this is exactly what I was looking for! I need to improve my balance and increase flexibility in my knees and hips! I look forward to doing this video on a regular basis and watching my balance improve!

  3. We have been isolating on a tiny island off the coast of British Columbia Canada. It has been worth every minute of data to do this class every morning for the past month! My balance and joints thank you!

  4. Rachel, you've been keeping me going since the beginning of the pandemic! Getting into pilates with your wonderful videos has been the best gift to me during these challenging times! I'm in my early sixties and have definitely improved with strength and balance. Also, because I had ballet lessons as an adolescent, your style has a natural appeal for me! Thank you for everything, and hope you are keeping well! Best wishes, Laurie

  5. Thank for this video. I love that you included balance moves. I just took my 85 yr old mom to PT because her balance is so bad. At 53 myself I RAN to youtube (after watching her assessment) to find as many balance videos as I could. Losing weight is important but if you can't reach your toes or safely move about your day you are screwed. My mom needs to wear compression socks but she can't bend to get them on. PT gave us the device to put on your socks but she still can't do it. VERY eye opening!!

  6. Thank you. I am 77 years. Today was my first work out with you . I was introduced by a close male friend and, so I thank him. However, I have one vein in my left leg and, circulation is a problem. I intend to stick with YOU. Again, thanks for taking time for us Seniors. Stay good.

  7. Love joining your classes very good for my aging joints. Do you have any exercises to help with prolapse? Usually watch on telly so cant always comment. Great videos. Have recommended to friends.

  8. From Mrs Rod. My physio told me about your videos, as I have rheumatoid arthritis just about everywhere, ok everywhere to be truthful. Not done any exercise for a few years due to total knee replacement but I am hooked. No having to get up and down floor is great (impossible for me) and I think I may have found my stomach muscle again, they disappeared when I had stomach surgery. Thank you so so much . P.S. nearly 60, couple of years to go yet but I ready feel younger

  9. finding you is one of the best things that has happened to my body since passing that 60 mark! i share yoiu all the time even to my sister who has done pilates for years now and she is on board. you are so clear and easy to get what you are doing loving the c hanges im feeling and seeing! thank you!!

  10. I love this exercise and I am not even that older this is for anybody who wants to feel and look good at the same time
    Thank you so much I'll keep doing this exercise for a long time to come.

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