Sun. Jun 13th, 2021

I’ve got some small business tax tips for saving money in taxes. You can save money so that you can invest money back into your business. If you’re ready to …

By Ronnie

18 thoughts on “Small Business Tax Tips For Saving Money In Taxes”
  1. My head feels li,e it's going to explode. But I love the end the way to turned it so positive. Thank you for making me realize WY it's important to pay taxes.

  2. What if I have a fulltime job with a W-2 and my own company10-99 but I
    spent about 5 thousand on building my company but didn't make anything
    in return yet because I haven't started selling or opened yet. Can I
    deduct the 5 grand from my w-2?

  3. Hi Stefan, I am a KMM member who applies for a EIN for the kindle business. I have a question, do you pay taxes also in USA with you EIN for kindle Business. I already know that in my country I have to pay 15% of all my incomes received from another countries. But I want to know if you actually have to pay taxes in the USA once a year like my country or it dependes of your incomes in KDP or something like that ?

  4. Went over all this subject getting info for 5 days in a row non stop. Was painful but now I feel I have good basics I needed as an entrepreneur and 'm enjoying learning about it. In France we have probably the most taxes, up to 67%… It's really a lot, and its 60% on salary…Was wondering if I should create my business in the U.S. But I agree with what you said at the end. Thank for this mindset advice. I'll have to figure out what will be the best solution with my lawyer now 🙂

  5. I'm not a business owner (yet, I hope), but I'm self-employed and I take care myself of my tax issues. What you say is very interesting, and it is probably different in Spain, the country where I live. Anyway, the concepts are very useful, thanks.

  6. Hey Stefan,
    My name is Alex, I am 16 years old and from Germany(English is obviously not my first language :D)
    I wanted to say thank you. Thank you soo much for all your videos, they have helped me a lot! You are such an inspiring person and I think you have a very good influence on me 🙂
    However, I have a question about your kmoneymastery program. I would like to know when publishing kindle books is getting harder, due to the competition. What I mean is that if everybody who bought your course, is publishing and ranking their kindle books, isn't the competition too high after a while and it gets really hard to rank your books?(I hope that makes sense ;))
    Keep up the good work!

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