Wed. May 12th, 2021

diycrew #hrvdiy #renovision Drywall Repairs Done in just a Few Minutes using My Favorite Drywall Trick that uses Science to help you get a Quick Finish …

By Ronnie

37 thoughts on “Simply DIY Drywall Repair for Homeowners”
  1. whenever I get a small hole in drywall from a screw or whatever I was using spackle and trying to sand it after and it NEVER comes out perfectly smooth. My contractor told me to use joint compound instead of spackle, but this stuff looks great. Thanks so much for making this!

  2. Thank you for your video's I wish you lived here or could recommend someone that would be willing to help a senior without out ripping me off. I have so many things that I would love to have finished but don't really trust anyone now.

  3. After watching your videos I have done all the mudding of joints and all seems nice a smooth. After painting I can still see some of the spots I didnt sand down enough – what should I do now?

  4. REGARDING- Country Water : My friend's builder didn't bring in water for the grout and used the well water. They are 2 miles from the vent of SULPHUR SPRINGS. The water smells HORRIBLE. He had to regrout the entire house! Which is all tile since its a former cop who was shot in the line of duty and is in a wheelchair.

  5. I did my whole house with the quick-set. I even set the tape in it. Keeps u movin n eventually u learn how much to do at once. I’ve run out of the mud many times before it set !! The learning curve.

  6. Mr. Home RenoVision, I have read on the hot mud packages that there is a danger that if you coat too thin and it dries before it can harden that it has no strength so I always use cold mud for the final coats. I see you are coating thin, what is your take on that issue?

  7. Thank you so much for your instructive videos and helping a Grandma be better at working with grand kids for them to aspire to have more diy pride with goals to appreciate home care alot more, and to learn more about sustainable enriching trades and craftsmanship.

  8. I have done hundreds of patches. And one coat no primer after a patch is NOT even close to acceptable. Aside from the fact that 90 % of the time you still need texture. I like most of your content but I think you dropped the ball on this one.

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