Sun. Jun 13th, 2021

In honor of my 100000th subscriber I wanted to celebrate by compiling all of my favorite time-lapse videos into one big video. I cannot express the gratitude I …

By Ronnie

31 thoughts on “Satisfying Home Repair Time Lapse Compilation | 2 Hours!”
  1. What’s your background experience with this? Not many DIYers would rip apart their whole house like this without some prior experience. But some would. Haha

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  3. I really liked most of what you did, but the patio….when you sprayed that reddish brown, my brain was screaming light grey to go with the house….oh well.
    The floors in the house looked so nice, I sure hope you got your wood before the prices went through the roof!

  4. Похоронный марш задолбил !
    Супер придурки !
    А дома у них – мрак, зато для мышей, муравьёв , тараканов и прочей живности там раздолье !

  5. The Tearing Down the Shed/Building the Deck beats back to back will take you there just like that original Bedroom Remodel beat. This man will never subcontract anything and makes zero excuses

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