Wed. May 12th, 2021

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By Ronnie

34 thoughts on “Repairing Rotten Fascia On A House | THE HANDYMAN”
  1. I don't get it. What did you attach the wood board to if the whole thing was rotten? I have to do this to my house but I can't figure out what to attach (or how) a good board to. You handle those tools with mastery, nice demo. I have to clear my kids, wife, and dog out of the garage and call the city (jk) when I use power tools.

  2. I have an out-building where they left the rafter tails exposed. What should I put up to support gutters? I'm not having any luck finding gutter videos that don't use finished buildings.

  3. Why are you replacing rotten wooden fascia with wooden fascia and paint it white to make it look like it is uPVC, which is more durable? To make the wood rot again over time and charge customers again? So what do you mean by 'upselling'?

  4. If you replace something, especially something that has rotted from water damage, you have to rectify the cause or you have done nothing. What I could see was no overhang of the shingles and improper drip edge install with no spacing behind the drip edge. Like you said the customer was what dictated the work to be done.

  5. We need to do some repairs badly! But we have no help and we are senior ladies.
    I wonder if there is anything that will replace a ladder to bring us up high enough to try to paint our home? With safety!
    I’m Sorry. Might sound a bit ignorant but it’s because I am when it comes to repairs on a home.
    Thank you!

  6. I have a piece of rotten wood at my roof that is in a very similar situation. Will fix it next. Put a piece of sheet metal to protect the wood from water is a very good idea that I am going to do as well. Thank you!

  7. Im having trouble deciding wether or not to get new fashia boards, house was built 72 and I’m thinking they are the originals. Physically they look goodX, the paint is coming off and you can see the wood underneath which is gray. What should I do?

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