Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

Get ready for a focused all-over-body Pilates workout on the Reformer for beginners. This is a full 55 minute Pilates workout which will leave you feeling strong, …

By Ronnie

21 thoughts on “Pilates Workout | Reformer | Full Body 55 min | Level 2 (Beginner)”
  1. Thank you so much. You are giving me back my passion to workout again. My flexibility is challenged and I keep working on it. Sending you positive energy to continue sharing as it is a life saver. ❤️🙏👌

  2. So so so good! I've just graduated from postnatal classes back into 'normal' classes and got myself a home reformer to celebrate. My goal is to make it through all of your levels. Started at level 1 a couple of weeks ago and feeling pretty good now at level 2. Thanks for making these videos!

  3. I defiantly will try this! your explanations are great! I just need a little help with the springs in the bed, in the gym there is a bed with 3 red springs, one blue and one green, how do I convert this to 1, 1.5, 2.5 etc? Thanks

  4. This video was excellent! I personally loved that you didn’t speak while you were actually exercising, that you did a voiceover. It’s so much more clear. I’ve watched other videos where it’s hard to understand them and then all you hear is there heavy breathing.

  5. Thank you for posting such a great workout and for providing a progressive series of levels. I love that there are multiple levels of beginner and intermediate, not just one of each. Your cueing is really spot on and helpful.Looking forward to doing this one again and trying more of your pilates reformer videos as I progress and get stronger.

  6. I have a reformer that has colored springs, so it would be helpful if you would also instruct not only number of springs for each exercise, but alternatively what colors. Thanks so much!!

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