Wed. May 12th, 2021

This Pilates workout will lean out your legs, tone your abs and core, slim down your….. Join for free! Experience our FREE app: …


By Ronnie

35 thoughts on “Pilates Workout – Pilates Abs – Pilates Core – Music Only”
  1. I prefer the videos without voice overs, I'm really glad that you give both options to people!

    Also, there is a channel called "Mind and Body Health" that uses this video and has 700k+ views. I'm not sure if you gave them permission to but if you didn't, they're making money off of your videos.

    Thanks again GymRa!

  2. Dotrwałam tylko do 20 minuty…ze dwa razy prawie zasnęłam – szukałam czegoś spokojnego ale te ćwiczenia jeszcze dodatkowo z taką muzyka za bardzo mnie znużyły.

  3. This is not a full body workout, just an "Abs & Arms" workout. It's not bad, I didn't have a ring, so I used a resistance band. All my muscles got the opposite workout! 🙂

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