Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

Ok I’m mixing it up again today woohoo! This Pilates Fusion workout is a full body HIIT that incorporate some Pilates inspired exercises. Our focus is mobility, …


By Ronnie

20 thoughts on “Pilates Fusion // Full Body HIIT Workout (No Equipment, No Jumping)”
  1. Oh wow! Did not expect to get my heart pounding like a jack hammer 😳 Good sesh 👌 Looked nowhere near as graceful as you do Heather 😅

  2. This and Yoga fusion is AMAZING! I want/need more of this!!! Pretty Please! I've never done most of these combo moves. I didn't know I could experience more and different types of muscle soreness and I do Bootcamp, zumba, and jogging. You are innovative and dedicated, thank you for sharing your talent and passion. I love ALL your workouts!

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