Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

21daypilateschallenge #bohobeautiful If you enjoyed The Ultimate Pilates 21 Day Challenge from Thailand (htps:// then you will love this …

By Ronnie

42 thoughts on “Pilates 21 Day Challenge ♥ Full Body Workout For Results”
  1. Oh I can not even describe how great this has left me feeling. You know the feeling is so amazing when your body is supporting you in every way and it's at this moment that we are thanking our bodies for supoorting and our body is smiling back at us for taking good care of it. Thanks so much for all the amazing work. Lots of love❤️❤️❤️🙏

  2. I can not believe it! It is my 20th day of this challenge. Results are : -3kg 🙂 I started to count the calories as well with fitatu app. I do recommend 🙂 I am so sad that this challenge is about to finish but I am going to start another one but definitely I will be practising with Boho Beautiful. Thank you so much for this time. Namaste from Poland <3

  3. hi guys i decided to take part in this challenge 🙂 i still have lockdown in my country, so i dont really go for walks (twice a week, 5-10km's) and i have hard time by drinking water lmao
    anyway, i started on
    january 21st:
    54kg – 167cm
    i feel like i have a bit of a belly fat and my thighs are like not defined and too big
    january 29st:
    it was more than week! i have a thigh gap and a line on my abs?? idk i still have a belly fat and i want it to be flat, but my thighs are more defined and my waist line started to exist. im happy!! see u in few days

  4. I fell in love with your workout but, unfortunately, I tore muscles only 1 week in! 😫 I was immediately starting to tone! Any recs for slow rest and repair? You are great and motivating, I am happy I found you on YT!

  5. Oh my God! I remember doing this exact video about 4 years ago and after getting into it a few times it was so easy, now 4 years later it’s sooo difficult! Definitely going to start again ❤️

  6. I did the full 21 days. Here is my experience, in case someone is wondering whether they should start:

    -doing planks was very difficult for me. Near the end I definitely build more endurance
    -I already had a fairly flat stomach, I noticed it was a bit more toned when I flexed or sucked it in. The change isn't t o o dramatic but it's there
    -more leg flexibility!! Those criss cross drops were a nightmare and even in the end I struggled but doing them did wonders for my hamstring strength and flexibility
    -this video honestly got a bit boring after two weeks so I replaced it with other similar workouts
    -generally, I have a better overall endurance and I have felt the difference. I couldn't do the side plank in the beginning but after one week it was fine for me
    -this challenge is a GREAT way to get back into fitness if you have left it off for a while.

  7. I can't belive I ran outside for ten minutes 😂 I love working out but cardio has never been my thing. Thank you Julianna and Mark for always challenging us!
    Bless you

  8. On day 1 I had trouble holding the positions or finishing the exercises and today was day 7 and I could do the whole video without taking a break or flopping onto my stomach lol
    It's a tough challenge but if you just keep on trying it ll get easier! Whoever's reading this: you can do this!! :))

  9. Day 1 ✔️
    Day 2 ✔️
    Day 3 ✔️
    Day 4 ✔️
    Day 5 ✔️ 1 week almost done
    Day 6 ✔️
    Day 7 ✔️1 week is done
    Day 8 ✔️
    Day 9 ✔️
    Day 10 ✔️
    Day 11 ✔️
    Day 12 ✔️
    Day 13 ✔️
    Day 14 ✔️ 2nd week done
    Day 15 ✔️ hello last week
    Day 16 ✔️
    Day 17 ✔️
    Day 18 ✔️
    Day 19 ✔️
    Day 20 ✔️
    Day 21 ✔️ the end🎉 finito 끝 bitti finished
    Yuhuu 🙌 another program

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