Sun. Jun 13th, 2021

So I have been asked about 100 times How To Start A Home Care Agency. In this video you will learn the seven basic steps to start a home care agency.

By Ronnie

44 thoughts on “How To Start A Home Care Agency | Episode 1 – Getting Started 7 Key Steps”
  1. Great information. I really appreciate it. I have a few of questions. 1. Are you interested in expanding into California? I am a start up agency and already licensed. 2. How would you recommended I go about obtaining a laboratory waiver. In California you need an MD to obtain it. I don’t know any MDs. Should I just find one and approach them? 3. What’s the standard payment amount if they agree to do it? Thanks in advance.

  2. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to inform others. I have been on this journey for quite some time. I can definitely relate to your family start up experience in NY. I have some added questions can I contact you via email?

    Once again thank you for all that well cultivated knowledge!

  3. Hi I’m planning to open a carehome. But I’m in processing to license my home to be a residential care facility . But planning to get a level 4I clients which it pays 9k-15k. But I have 2 story home.

  4. Thanks for the useful information your provided in this video. I have a quick questions, How much total do you think is needed to start a skilled home health care agency in California? I am not sure if I would be willing to raise any funds or talk to any VC or anything like that. I do have some savings to start this agency and I want to make sure if this amount is enough to get me through the Medicare Accreditation and the next 2 years or not? Thanks again!

  5. Hi Karl.. im.from the uk and started my own supported housing business for the past 10 years.. we our private but have multiple contracts with local government… im looking to invest in the states and would like to invest in agency. Are you looking for new investors and do you know people who are looking for investment?

  6. Hey you mentioned that you are aggressively growing your home care business, what strategies do you have in place for business development? Especially during our current pandemic? Thanks

  7. So elderly people can be racially abused hahahaha my fucking arse 🙄 will I be sending anyone i know to care homes. Seen too many videos of white folks being treated in the worst way ever.
    I hope 🙏 that is expressed about nurses looking after with a heart ❤ not just as a job, everyone can't be a nurse looking after elderly people you have to a heart and wanting to this job…

  8. I am a care giver. Gna cna. I want to start. My bussines but lately is being like hard. Focusing. On that you are great help. For me. I leave in MD. I don't. Know here. I used to be in Florida

  9. THANK YOU for sharing your experiences. Ive been in business for three years used a consultant.having a struggle with getting clients: private pay,long term care insurance .Can u make a video on how to obtain mutiple clients😊

  10. I’m really appreciative for all the information you just gave, it was very insightful and helpful. I have a question, I don’t want to be skilled starting off with my agency, do I have to still have a Director of nursing on my team? Also can I start an agency in another state even if I don’t reside in that state if I see potential in another state?

  11. Oh my god, thank you so much for this information. I’m in the process of starting an agency in the state of Indiana this is some good information thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  12. I really appreciate this information. Thank you so very much. I've enjoyed a career in the field for quite some time and am preparing to get to the next level.

  13. Hi. I respect and appreciate your knowledge that you've shared particularly with the complete vision all the way to the public offering. I'm in Pennsylvania about to sign with 21st century consultants to process everything for my home care company. What's your opinion about 21st century consultants if you don't mind me asking ? I'm executing a short term phase of a plan to get to the level where you buy my agencies up for 5x each.
    Thanks again.

  14. Great, informative information. I’m currently a registered nurse in New York. I was hoping that after the moratorium was lifted that I’d be able to move forward with the application process but as you know NYS isn’t accepting any new applicants. Establishing my own home health care is a passion that I have and I was looking into possibly starting one in Pennsylvania.

    My question to you if you don’t mind is from your experience do you think that would be a good idea and manageable being that I live in NY?

  15. Oh and I forgot to ask if u have any consultants in Pittsburgh Pa? That’s where I’m looking to start my business. I’m working on licensing now but I’m starting from the bottom so any more advise would b greatly appreciated ❤️ thanks

  16. Thank u so much for this knowledgeable information. I’m looking to start my own healthcare business and u are just what I needed to start. Thanks a million. I do have other questions is there a email address I can reach out to u for questions? Thanks

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