Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

GENTLE PILATES – 15 MINUTE PILATES FOR BEGINNERS WORKOUT! ⭐️ This 15 minute gentle Pilates workout is perfect for anyone wanting a slower and …

By Ronnie

21 thoughts on “Gentle Pilates – 15 Minute Pilates for Beginners Workout!”
  1. i really struggle with pushing my self too much when working out. I've found pilates really helps me slow down and feel what my body is telling me. thank you so much for this video

  2. Jessica, this was SO amazing. I am brand new to pilates after years of being intimidated. I have pretty severe myofascitis, but this guided workout was AMAZING for my body. You also have such a gentle and nourishing way of guiding us through the movements, and have such a naturally bright energy. Thank you for such an incredible free resource, and I cannot wait to continue to learn from you and support your work!

  3. After continually being discouraged by exercise videos I'm so glad I found Jessica Valant. Her workouts are beneficial and she walks you through each step of the way. I was hesitant to do Pilates due to a back problem, but I'm not anymore! This video is my morning 'wake me up' and I can't wait to use more of her videos – she's good for both body and mind.

  4. Fantastic for getting back to my pre-surgery fitness levels! In November I had a double procedure foot surgery and 2 weeks later a septoplasty. Its amazing how much surgeries take from us as far as fitness is concerned, but, I'm so thankful for muscle memory and videos like this that help ease back into a solid routine! (your comment on hip popping happened at the EXACT moment my hip popped! I was laughing so hard!) I've done Pilates very little and I so appreciated your instruction, encouragement, and modifications/increase in challenging exercises. Thank you!

  5. Because my joints hyperextend, some deceptively simple exercises can be painful. This is especially true for yoga, which I've practiced reasonably regularly for years but really packs a punch if I'm not careful. Normally, this results in the larger muscle groups taking on all of the strain because I can't activate the smaller muscle groups around my joints. I just did this video once and am shocked by how many muscles showed up to play! My hips feel better than they have in months. It seems like pilates might be the safe muscle-strengthening exercise I need. Thank you!!!

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