Sun. Jun 13th, 2021

When you have the time, a Full Length Pilates Mat Class not only is awesome for the body but will help to calm the mind and uplift the spirit. Pilates mat classes …

By Ronnie

27 thoughts on “Full Length Pilates Mat Class | Pilates Workout at Home with NO equipment | 1 Hour Pilates Class”
  1. I love your workouts. It's hard to remember the variations and would be helpful if you demonstrated them before going into the harder moves (eg rollover). Thank you!

  2. Hi Beth, thank you for doing these video classes. I started doing the class when my gym classes had to shut for covid restrictions and have found them wonderful, they've kept me going when I could have lost all my hard one fitness. I am a man, now sixty years old and I can ever understand why more men don't do plates. It seems 'girly' to some but most men I have seen start classes find it a real challenge, so much so that they often leave after a week or two. The subtle combination of controlled strength and stretching it great when combined with some additional cardio. Thanks again for making this very difficult covid time a little easier to get through…

  3. Long time since I attempted this. Had to skip out and rest on some bits like roll over and teaser but improving. Yay. Important to keep bearing in mind how we go back and forward eh

  4. Thank you Beth, really enjoyed the class with it’s variety of exercises covering all levels. The time went so fast as well given it’s hour in length πŸ˜€

  5. Due to coronavirus I stopped my pilates… You. Are. My. Savior!!!!! Can you do more of this video??? Like full class video!!! Your class is amazing, really working hard on those abs and back!! Really helpful also for legs!!!!! Thank you!!!!

  6. That was a great class. I don't feel that well today and I had to do some modifications during the class but I certainly feel more energized and ready for the day. Thank you so much!

  7. Your descriptive language could be more specific. You might consider verbalizing right and left. In some of the poses I found the vocal description wasn't specific enough so I had to turn my head to look at the screen in a pose where the head should not be turning. You could could consider spending more time repeating the same pose so that I don't have to look at the screen to follow along. I enjoyed the sequence though, thanks! πŸ™‚

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