Sun. Jun 13th, 2021

All you need is a little bit of floor space and a mat for todays REAL TIME 20minute pilates based core workout! Today I’m workout out with my very own pilates …

By Ronnie

44 thoughts on “Core & Ab Pilates Home Workout | 20min REAL TIME workout”
  1. Looove this! Thank you both so much. I’m 10 months postpartum and was looking for a good YouTube Pilates core workout to add to my other training. Thank you!!!!

  2. Here because I wanted to work on core and mobility. I say to myself pilates…meh easy enough.

    My abs 20 min later… 💀💀💀

  3. I’ve been incorporating both of these Pilates home workouts into my weekly routine and LOVING IT!! It doesn’t get easier haha! Still so challenging. Love these sezzy! 💗💗

  4. I can’t wait for more of these videos with your real time workouts!! ❤️ I’m from Greece 🇬🇷 and we are in quarantine for 2 weeks now. I am doing your workouts again and again. ❤️🤸🏼‍♀️💪🏽

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