Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

Who’s ready for a brand new workout video?! I know you guys have been waiting patiently, so I wanted to give you guys a beautiful 10 minute total body workout …

By Ronnie

41 thoughts on “Beautiful Body Pilates | Total Body Workout”
  1. Was always wondering why you have so many followers, today I know why! 😂 This is the first time I’m following a YouTube workout video and don’t wonder how many minutes left are there. You are a joy to watch!

  2. Idk if anyone’s gonna see this and be able to help since I’m so late to this video but:
    I feel like I’m doing the exercises wrong somehow?? E.g the side leg lift (5:53), my whole body moves and I can’t stay balanced on my side?? I’m also not flexible so it’s very hard to do the move before it too. Basically, is this a good routine to do if I have these problems?

  3. Thank you so much Cassey!!! I dance and last few days I felt really tight especially in the legs and I felt this exercise sorted it!! So amazing 🙂

    p.s. love the matching outfit, jewellery, nails and mat!!!! So on pointe !

  4. Thank you so much! It was my first time, I usually do yoga and dislike aggressive workouts… but your approach is so fun and inviting.
    Love the nail distraction to get through the lifts!
    ..fuzzy grey jogging suit and translucent pink on my fingers and toes : )

  5. I think it was the pastel colours on screen and the flowing arm movements I was doing, but I got MAJOR ASMR towards the end of this video. It was really bizarre I’ve never had that happen during a workout.

  6. i just found your workuts and i cant stop doing them!! they are like a combination of a podcast and a workout and this is a new level of motivation!! so much love to you, cassey <3

  7. Usually, some youtubers might do abs and say it's the whole body…
    I thought you were one too…But, this one felt relaxing..and it WAS a WHOLE BODY workout . thankyou 😊😍

  8. Cassey plz never take this video down its literally the best workout for when im really not feeling it or when ive been slacking so im not as strong. I never feel bad about myself when i do it because i dont have to stop and it hit all the main muscle groups so if im still not feeling it after i dont feel guilty for not doing more. Literally the best kindest workout video. I love it sm <3

  9. These were wonderful moves matched with great pacing!! ❤️ I definitely enjoy this kind of video workout a lot

    My nails are a Minnie Mouse design by Cutepolish 🙂 The red tips with white polka dots and a little black bow ☺️

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