Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

Tone every inch of your body with this full-body cardio Pilates workout with Lisa Corsello, founder and owner of Burn Pilates. Just grab a light and medium set of …


By Ronnie

22 thoughts on “45-Minute Cardio Pilates Total Body Workout”
  1. Such a great video, love the strong work out! Just disappointing to see all the ads now. I usually use my phone app, and all the videos I had liked and saved went from no ads to several throughout, which really disrupts the flow/momentum of the workout. Hopefully something that can get resolved because there are a lot of great videos here! ❤

  2. GREAT WORKOUT! You kept saying look at yoru navel but how do you do that if you are looking at the screen to figuer out what to do next. 😉 lol GREAT WORKOUT!

  3. Ermygaaad that was nice 😍just wanted to let you guys know an ad came on through the 'cardio' section and the first thing it said was 'you don't need cardio' which could have a negative impact on this video / your product x

  4. The white woman with black top, pony tail makes very annoying ooohhaaah kinda noises. I had to stop just and switch to another video.. Who's she and what's her problem, I wonder…? Thumbs down!

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