Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

Tone your entire body with this 40-minute cardio Pilates and strength workout from Lisa Corsello. There will be modifications for all levels, and for an extra burn, …

By Ronnie

34 thoughts on “40-Minute Cardio Pilates and Strength Workout”
  1. Great side series! Love the workout, your personality and the happy chatter. However, I kept saying a little prayer for you every time that Our Lord’s name was used in vain. I know that many people don’t know that it is breaking a Commandment. But it would be similar to saying, “oh my LISA!!!” for added expression. This makes no sense and would be an abuse to her name. God created us all and that is the most special name. Thank you.

  2. That was incredibly hard. And I was so awkward during that last move. Anna said "this is a beautiful move. you feel sexy doing this". ummmmmmm pretty sure sexy isn't the word I'd use as I'm flailing around.

  3. I don't mean to be rude, but this is one of the worst training sessions on Pop Sugar. It is just brutal! Even more brutal than Jake DuPree's sessions. Poor Anna. After the first jump (4:20) my knee snapped, and after the whole training I won't be able to walk for a week. I workout with PopSugar almost every day but I will avoid this one…

  4. It was a tough workout–I was looking for more pilates, this seemed fairly cardio-focused. I can't do a lot of jumping in my apartment–this video has a lot of jumping. Yes, there are modifications, but most of them end up being the same move you just did. It's a good workout outside of those 2 points–just a heads-up for those looking for pilates focus, or those who need low-impact.

  5. This was awesome! but I really wish you would’ve mentioned that unless pregnant women are very fit like Anna they shouldn’t be on their backs almost at all during the third trimester it can make breathing very difficult among other things. Great workout and thanks!

  6. Youtube bro’s be like: Do these exercises and get shredded!! Popsugar ladies: Heh. Hold my water bottle. Me at 27min: OMIGOD I CANT RAISE MY LEG. Bahahahaha. These ladies are SUPER TOUGH. More please!

  7. Great workout, but it might be a good idea to warn people that there will be a lot of talk of pregnancy and motherhood, since that can be incredibly sensitive to many women, especially those struggling with infertility.

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