Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

Stretch and strengthen your body in this 40 Minute Pilates Yoga Fusion Workout. We will be using a yoga block for a section of the class, however you will still …


By Ronnie

33 thoughts on “40 MIN PILATES YOGA WORKOUT || Full Body Stretch & Strengthen”
  1. I'm not in a good place right now, but I did follow a couple of videos of yours and they've helped me a lot.
    Gathering all my mental energy, I will post how it went (I'm sure I'll have to modify some of the postures because of my bent arm and severe scoliosis). Wish me luck.

  2. Excellent workouts nicole! Thank you Very much! I would like some videos with yoga pilates even more longer than 40 minutes as i liked it very much!

  3. I love your workouts. Your voice is very calming. I also love that you have the workouts of varying lengths and difficulty. So no matter how I’m feeling , there is one for me. Thank you!!

  4. This is my absolutely favourite kind of workout – yogalates! And yours are so much fun! Challenging yet doable and always so diverse! Thank you! also, you are so esthetically perfect, it's so cool to see your beautiful lines even when you are performing the hardest things! I do my best from this side of the monitor, too))

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