Sun. Jun 13th, 2021

Open your heart and maintain a healthy spine with this 35 Minute Yoga Pilates Flow. Not only will you stretch and flow through heart opening sequences but you …

By Ronnie

31 thoughts on “35 MIN YOGA PILATES WORKOUT || Heart Opening Flow”
  1. I do have advice for online yoga teachers… start with your opposite leg (side) so we can see what you’re doing… usually yoga teachers start doing something where your back is to us, which means our back is to you. It would be great if whatever you’re doing you start facing us so we can see the moves, then the next side is easier because we know what you’re going to do 😀 just my opinion 💜

  2. lovely and you are so good at explaining and so low key it is. feels no pressure while doing it.

    big thanks and yes, thanking our body at the ned, that is just the best way to end it 🙂

  3. Incredible strength and flexibility workout! I love how it started and ended the same way so you could see how much better your body felt. Thank You xx

  4. This was an awesome workout! I feel all good and flexy now that I am done.

    Nicole, do you think you could do a hip opener Yoga Pilates Workout, sometime? Thank you!!

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