Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

Challenge your body with this circuit training, cardio, and Pilates workout from celebrity trainer Kit Rich. No equipment needed, just a positive attitude! Get ready …

By Ronnie

38 thoughts on “30-Minute Strength, Cardio, and Pilates Core Workout”
  1. The whole video is awesome, but I'd like to thank you for this post-workout stretch routine. I feel it's safer, easier to follow for beginners and therefore more effective way to stretch a lot of muscles, than usual stretch moves you see in most videos.

  2. Good workout💪😍… my son said I look like I showered.. lol😂 I like how Kit explains how to correctly do the workout as she checks on the girls… it helps me a lot. Proper posture and movement is vital. Love her workouts💖💪

  3. Love the workout, I’ve been using this during lockdown! I really need to stop looking at the timer in the corner! I get so impatient knowing that it is almost over

  4. Love the workouts, hating the ads that happen in the middle. Content creators can choose when and where they have ads posted. Please change this, Popsugar!

  5. This is my second Kit workout. Thank you Kit, this was awesome!! Love your energy and motivating words. Does anyone else think she looks strikingly like Katie from the Godspell movie????

  6. I love Kit’s videos!! She’s so positive and encouraging! It’s so refreshing hearing all the positive vibes she is giving throughout the workouts

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