Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

Join celebrity trainer Kit Rich for a full-body toning workout that incorporates cardio bursts with Pilates-fusion exercises. Kit’s included fun variations on some of …

By Ronnie

35 thoughts on “30-Minute Pilates-Fusion Cardio & Full-Body Toning Workout”
  1. Dearest Kit, thank you for sharing all these workouts with us. They keep on making go through these challenging times and series of lockdowns. A heartfelt thank you to you and your team! Big hug from Brussels, Belgium:)

  2. really enjoyed Kit Rich's work out. I love that she didn't say the word "bikini body" once, and instead focused on the things we can't see, like gratitude and positivity. thanks Kit!

  3. I love the super clear instructions! She tells us when one move is almost done and gives us enough instructions to start the next move right with her. She has a really positive attitude.

  4. This workout got me through the first terrible months of lockdown. When I’m depressed or low energy I come back to it and I’m ready to tackle my day. Thanks so much for the positive vibes.

  5. Excellent instructor. Love Kitts workouts that fuse Pilates into their typical cardio routines.
    Her detailed instructions ensure you follow correct form and feel the movement in the correct muscle or area.
    Thanks PopSugar, great content and contributors as always.

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