Sun. Jun 13th, 2021

This 30 Minute Gentle Pilates Workout is perfect for those days when you need to slow things down and re-connect with your body and breath. This flow is …

By Ronnie

26 thoughts on “30 MIN GENTLE PILATES FLOW || Morning/Evening Workout”
  1. Thank you, Nicole, for this lovely workout. I do enjoy gentle workouts for my aching body. I have carpal tunnel, a bad knee after a fall, and a bad back. I modify my position when down on hands and knees but I do enjoy how gentle this workout was. Thank you.

  2. Just have to share, after a night of drinking, this was the oerfect ice breaker of my morning the next day. Thank you so much, you dont know how much i appreciate this video. Sending looooove nicole 💖

  3. I haven't been working out the past year. I was so unmotivated..but finding your videos has been really helpful. I actually look forward now for my 30 minutes of "me time". could you please do a workout for anxiety? Thank you so much!! Love form Greece

  4. This was the perfect sequence to get back into moving my body after a few days of rest during my period. I'm so glad I found you. I've been loving all of your classes. Thank you x

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