Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

Hi guys, Welcome to our first week of wellness month! Some of you might remember that during quarantine I completed a Pilates Teacher training course …

By Ronnie

32 thoughts on “30 MIN Full body Pilates workout // Strengthen and Toning | 14 Day Full Body Challenge”
  1. its so hard for me to feel my core, i end up feeling the pressure in my neck and it upsets me because i tried everything to learn how to tighten my core, i also struggle to coordinate the breathing inhale and exhale for every movement

  2. Hi even een snelle vraag, do you ever mix your workouts with cardio like running? And if so, is that before or after? Bedankt voor het posten en de hulp!

  3. I wish you health, happiness and peace in your heart. Thank you so much for your exercises. It is really wonderful, not so fast, not so slow. Everything moderates and aligned. Love youuuu, thank you, thank you, thank you

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