Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

25 MINUTE FULL BODY PILATES WORKOUT – INTERMEDIATE ROUTINE! ⭐️ This 25 minute full body Pilates workout will tone your muscles while also giving …

By Ronnie

21 thoughts on “25 Minute Full Body Pilates Workout – Intermediate Routine!”
  1. Started doing these videos in the new year (it's lockdown no. 3 in the UK so needed something to keep me moving and sane). At first, I was a complete beginner, I couldn't do wheel at all the first time I tried this video but today I'm proud to say I actually did it and held it! Thank you Jessica! X

  2. Jessica, I am in managed isolation (quarantine) after returning home to NZ. I started Pilates only 3 weeks ago in a reformer studio, and when I came to isolation, I wanted to do something each day in the hotel so subscribed to your channel. This is just brilliant, and I'm so grateful for this. Thank You x

  3. This was a great workout Jessica. Just getting back into a more stable workout routine (life just got hectic after having my baby). Your routines have helped me before and I look forward to the results now that I have more time to dedicate to myself.

  4. Thankyou Jessica for this just getting back into Pilates just what I needed as I don’t seem to have time to workout much due to work. But this is great Thankyou.

  5. This was a perfect reset class after a few week hiatus from a regular workout/Pilates routine. I’d love more 25 min-30 min Pilates classes like this. Thank you Jessica 🙌🏻

  6. Thank you. The wheel was great, though I grunted and groaned while doing it. The skies are smoky from nearby fires and this workout (and your comments) lifted my spirits.

  7. I just want to say I love your workouts I’ve been following you and doing your videos for a few years now I also have endometriosis and I took a year off but I’ve kept up with my workout for two years now I know this is long and im sorry but I do have a question when it’s comes to working out I can’t workout every day due to my schedule so I can get 3-4 workouts in a week is ok. And some workouts such as this one are only 20-25 and some are 45 some are an hour long and I feel great afterwards but and I doing any good for my body this way please let me know thanks 😊 your fan Nicky

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