Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

I hope you enjoy this 20 minute full body intermediate Pilates workout. You can do this workout at-home or anywhere, no equipment needed! Enjoy. 🙂 NOTE: …

By Ronnie

38 thoughts on “20 MINUTE FULL BODY WORKOUT | Intermediate Pilates Class”
  1. Today I managed to complete the whole workout – proud moment! I love this one I keep returning. It is the final exercise that I find hard to push through but today I promised myself to go one step further than before and then that led me to finishing it all – yay! Thank you for this Nicole – as a dancer, Pilates is so good for body conditioning so I highly recommend you for the quality of your content x

  2. This is one of my fav! I started to workout with You about 3 months ago. I cannot imagin a day without session with You! I love how my body changed, I love how You take stress away from me! This is best what happened to me during this hard pandemic time.

  3. I can't tell you how thankful I am for your workouts. You are an amazing teacher, and you design such intense workouts. Sometimes when I watch other videos, I question what the point of the exercise is, and I feel like it's not really working. With you, the muscles that you say are going to burn do. They burn beyond anything I've ever tried before! You really know how to isolate muscles to work on. I wish I had came across you before I put on my COVID30 but I have a feeling you will help me get it off! Lots of love. Thank you.

  4. One of my next year purpose is start pilates routine and keep it and i want you to be my instructor, im goin to look for a routine for beginners on you channel.
    Thanks in advance.

    PD: sorry if my Englis ins´t rigth, im learning the language .

  5. I have been doing your 30min one but i have been getting bored to do it that long id rather do 20 min one that burns harder amd is tougher to do so i guess this one really burns more i will be doing this often 💓

  6. This was super challenging but suuuuper soothing as well. I don't really enjoy the fast paced rythm of many workouts but pilates really gets me going. I am so thankful for such good and intense (for me at least hahaha) workouts while calming and relaxing. It makes me want to do more and that's great bc working out its not really my favourite thing so thank you so much!!

  7. I love pilates … I get sore knees if I do too many squats or high impact workouts, but pilates is perfect for toning without injuring my joints 🙂

  8. Nicole i really loooove all your workouts!! Since I’m working from home I want to try to make exercise before getting breakfast and start work, so it has to be short but would like to activate my body a bit, just like walking to work would be. Which one of your videos do you recommend for this sake? Maybe this one? Thanks a lot again, I’ve fallen in love with Pilates thank to you!

  9. i’m new to pilates and i loved how this video was very easy to keep up with and to do but i felt the burn in places i didn’t know i had lol!

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