Wed. May 12th, 2021

I hope you enjoy this 20 minute full body Pilates workout that you can do at-home – no equipment needed! Hope you are all staying safe and healthy during this …

By Ronnie

45 thoughts on “20 MINUTE FULL BODY WORKOUT | At-Home Pilates”
  1. I've just got covid. I love to work out, I'm on the mat every day, but now that's just not possible due to the virus. I started to notice my lack of energy a week ago and I'm just so sad that I won't have my usual strenght for a while. These shorter workouts give me so much joy and I'm just so grateful for them. Thank you for keeping me motivated and giving me strength to get on the mat and move my body ♡

  2. Thank you for this Nicole, I loved your videos! Can I just ask, is this enough of a workout for one day? Can I achieve similar body to you with healthy diet? Or is lifting weights required too?
    Thank you! Have a great day 🙂

  3. Pilates is like this all in one package..even though one may focus on a particular muscle/group of muscles it gives a full body workout…..and for some reason it's so meditative because of the breathing technique and it being really challenging yet grounding I guess. Thank you for making such videos ☺️

  4. My daughter recommended your videos and I did this one this morning. I have a rotator cuff issue on my left shoulder but was able to manage the moves to a certain degree. I love your style of pilates. I will definitely benefit from this, thank you

  5. Thoroughly enjoying this channel for a good couple months now. You are the first (and only) workout channel where I learn how to integrate breathing into my body movement, and now when following other videos, I remember to breath! Thank you for showing your grace and ease, and please keep posting!!!

  6. I just finished doing this video and love how good I feel afterwards! Been looking for an update to favored 20-minute Pilates video from a while back, so this is perfect! It was a real challenge for me, so I know if I continue, there will be great changes to my health and fitness levels.

    Most definitely love the music used in your video, listening helped push me though the workout.

    Can you provide the music artists and/or songs used in this video?
    Looking forward to many more of your videos workouts!

  7. This is the only workouts channel I can follow and actually enjoy!
    I love how she explains everything so thoroughly especially the breathing since that's where I always struggle the most. I've started loving Pilates thanks to this channel, thank you so much ♡♡

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