Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

Hi guys! This workout is a full body low-impact cardio and toning workout that will help burn fat and create long lean muscles. It works the abs, arms, thighs and …

By Ronnie

44 thoughts on “20 MINUTE CARDIO PILATES WORKOUT πŸ’ͺπŸ’•”
  1. I love you! I started working out with you on January 1, 2021. And my body is so much better! I started with the five minute workout and have now graduated to your 20 minute workouts and I feel so great! My goal was to start January 21, 2021 to my birthday of March 13. Thanks to you I have been able to accomplish this. March 13 is a week away.

  2. Wow, I feel so amazing after this workout🀩 and Yeah, sweating a lotπŸ˜… It's so much more difficult as it seems. Will do this more often 😘 Thank you!

  3. Hi Bailey found you while looking for exersices on You Tube. First workout donre today with you. It was a killer, I'm sweating buckets and feel the burn. Gonna try a Pilates Ab workout tomorrow.

  4. This is really an amazing allover workout that makes you able to train and tone the whole body in a very short time…and it sure makes you sweat! But I miss that energizing background music that gives you that extra strength and joy- and makes you push for one more- and the lack of that makes me lose the motivation in the middle of the routine and want to quit. Just a coaching voice doesn't work for me if I'm going for more than ten minutes. Love your routines though, they're always very effective.

  5. Hi Bailey! What do you call this type of workout/exercises routine? Is it HIIT? Pilates? Cuz I always try to do cardio workout with plenty of jumping and exhausting reps, and honestly, it hurts my joints more than my muscles. After doing this cardio workout with you, I feel AWESOME!

  6. Those braids look so cute on you. I didn't feel like getting out my light weights so I did it just using the arm motions and still got a good workout – I'm 57. My favorite exercise was standing on one leg as you lift and then straighten the other leg, circle it around, and go into a lunge.

  7. This is the only workout so far I struggled with, making it only to 11 minutes. However, I've been super sore and tired with my new physical job and excessive weight loss. Killer workout!

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