Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

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By Ronnie

27 thoughts on “How To Start A Non Medical Home Care Agency”
  1. I know I am 5 years late but I was curious. In order for a caregiver to administer medicine OR give a client their medicine would that caregiver need a RN or PA to sign off? What qualifications must that RN or PA have to give a caregiver permission to administer or give medicine?

  2. My fiancé started a non-medical home care agency in Brevard Country FL, and is looking for a little help with funding. if you are able to support a great cause please visit you can make donations to her fundraisers from the website thank everyone in advance who are able to donate. Peace & love

  3. WE are looking to start out Home Care , I been caring for a 98 yr old in my home for 2 yrs , he has been a blessing , so many Elderly are left out , This has become my passions , but we Professional help !

  4. Not sure where to go to join the group and get coaching .I have tried going to the page but it doesn't allow me to sign in. infact the page isn't there.

  5. I am a RN in florida. I live alone & have a new construction one story 4bdrm/3full bath home, I'm interested in having a adult day care in my home 3-4 clients max. What do you suggest.

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