Wed. May 12th, 2021

This is a full body tone and sculpt, pilates and weights, 30 minute home workout. These full body pilates exercises will help show you how to get a toned body …

By Ronnie

43 thoughts on “FULL BODY TONE & SCULPT (pilates & weights) | 30 minute Workout”
  1. I’ve never been more aware of the feelings in my butt than when I’ve had my lean band on and a set of weights doing bridges omg I’m
    In pain 😭

  2. I found you through Linda Sun and I’m SO GLAD I did!!! This workout killed me in the worst way but I am now obsessed with you ❤️❤️ you just got a new subscriber guuuurl

  3. for the first 25 mins: okieeeee I can handle that, ohhh I like the burn
    last 5mins:!#@$#%^&*KJMH what the hell can my butt burn like this????????

  4. Just finished the hourglass challenge and this last workout…🙌🤸🏽‍♀️🔥🔥 babbyyy!! I love this and I'm not really a fan of pilates unless it burns like this!! Doing your 2 week fat loss program starting 2moro! 😭 Lilly you whoop my ass everytime!

  5. When i was doing that workout i felt like i was in that room with them:) She motevates me everyday and thank you so much for that @lillysabri ! ❤️

  6. Omg i just finished this! Means i finished the hourglass shape challenge. This is the 2nd hourglass challenge I finished from Lilly and i feel so good. Thinking what’s gonna be next? Can i do the summer shred already? Omg hahaha

  7. I just love Lilly, she changed my life. And wasn't on the appearance the most, but confidence, and i feel so much more stronger and energized. Now i really like to workout, even if i'm feeling a bit tired or lazy i do it and finish feeling so good every time!! Thank you Lilly for doing free workouts and being amazing!
    (I'm very excited for the app though!!)

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