Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

Ready to lengthen, strengthen, tone your full body? Feel slimmer, stronger, more confident & get rid of the fat? Get ready to give it all and let’s start to work on …

By Ronnie

37 thoughts on “Full Body Pilates | 55 Min Mat Pilates Workout | Pilates With Juliette”
  1. Got here by accident, but I love your videos so much that I'm not going anywhere. I'm writing this comment before doing this 55 min workout, just in case if I'm not able to later hah 😉 Your repeating "controle" during workouts became my work out mantra and helped a lot with muscle-mind connection, thak you!

  2. Hi dear .. I am doing this workout for a along with your 5 days 3:30:3 workout as doctor adivice me not to do any jumping nd heavy workout … my knee are not supporting !Any other excercise can I do if you suggest which will be good for whole body,,,,

  3. Thank you Juliette! For your amazing workouts and encouragement and beautiful attitude! 😀 You're definitely one of my top fav trainers of all time, thank you again! Loving my healthy journey with you! 😀

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