Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

Get Medical Care at Home, Serving all over Mumbai & Delhi.
Cedas Home Care Services
356 Bloomfield Ave Suite 4,
Montclair, NJ 07042

By Ronnie

23 thoughts on “Care24 – Home Health Care”
  1. कौन-कौन केयर 24 में काम करता है प्लीज मेरे नंबर पर संपर्क करके बता दो 9268 221 255

  2. My name is Vibhash Srivastava and I have been working in Home Patient Care since last 2 years. I currently live in Alambagh opposite Piccadilly.
    if there is any work that suits me, so please tell me.
    We know everything
    Tracheostomy care
    Urine Catheter
    RT Catheter
    ICU patient care
    Colostomy care
    Gastrostomy care
    IM IV injection
    Cannula IV drip
    Blood sugar monitoring
    Blood pressure monitoring
    Measuring oxygen saturation
    Stoma clean and change

    If you have any tipe of service, please tell me(24/7)

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