Wed. May 12th, 2021

Here’s a 7-Minute BLACKPINK Inspired PILATES Workout (NO EQUIPMENT)! I saw Jennie and Rosé doing some pilates poses and adapted their workout to …


By Ronnie

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  1. so, I decided to keep track of the days that I did this and how I felt doing it :)) also, I haven't worked out in MONTHS but before that I used to be quite athletic (jussayin)

    DAY 1: I decided to run on the tredmil bfo I started but that was SUCH a bad idea! (for now) I legit had a black out, and my heart started beating so fast I almost passed out. I didnt see anything (obviously, bc I had a black out, either wayyy…) I spot the 'off' button somehow and got off the tredmil. I fell but luckily I fell on the couch. I tried shouting out so my mom could come and help because I couldn't breathe, but for some reason I couldnt hear myself which scared me, I thought I was gonna die ahaha! So I screamed really loudly, then my mother came out, (also, I still couldn't see anything) and she asked me what happened and stuff, after a while I started hearing and seeing (the black outs happen often to me, my dad says its bc of dehydration or sth) and so yea. then I drank water and started doing the work out. keep in mind that I still couldn't breathe well at that time. but surprisingly doing this workout has helped me breathe well today, I feel really fresh now! (though I'm sweating buckets lmaooo and my wrists hurt a little. ACTUALLY no they hurt kinda more than a little hahah) THANK👏🏻YOU👏🏻FOR👏🏻MAKING👏🏻THIS👏🏻VIDEO!! it saved my life ahahahahahaa cant WAIT for day 2 babyyyy!

    DAY 2: gave another try on the tredmil, but this time I had a water bottle with me (cause yk the DeHyDraTiOn shit ahahaha) and thankfully nothing rly happened exept for the fact that I kinda got SUUUPER tired and my heart kinda started beating really really reallyyyy fast like before, BUT i got off the tredmil (as I've ran on it for almost an hour) and drank some water. then I started the workoooouuuuttt!!!!!! ooh, so, today I streched a lot before starting so it was a MUCH better experience! and sOoOo, I did the workout which made me breathe better, (i think i have breathing problem. FUN -_- ) anyway, I think my hips hurt a bit during the workout (im struggling with the poses) but after the workout it was no biggie.

    DAY 3: so today I was kinda under the weather because of some stuff going on in school, also, I feel numb, prolly bc of yesterday's workout, but I pushed thru and did the workouuut! before I started doing the workout I was 45kg, and now I'm 44kg! I also cleaned out my diet and started eating more veggies and fruits as well! also, my legs slimmed down and I noticed that my stomach started getting a bit toned! favourite and most effective workout I've tried so far!

    DAY 4: skipped today because of exams 🙁

    DAY 5: I'm so happy oml! its so cool that my stomache is THIS toned! I wish I could add pictures here! this totally upped my confidence! But today I also feel some sort of pain on my elbow, which is sad, and I'm struggling unlike the other days (with the side kick kneeling), but other than that omg!! best. day. ever!

    DAY 6: skipped bc im not feeling it rn

    DAY 7: i'm overly happy with the results omgggg!!! my waist is kinda thin I would say ( *does debby ryan thing* ) and I've grown taller! (not so sure if thats bc of the wokout but yayy!) also, my sister says my posture has improved bc apparently I looked like a duck bfo -_- I feel inner peace and can breathe much better now a dayssss!!!! 100000/10 recommended! this is DEFINITELY going on in my workout playlist and I'm DEFINITELY subscribing! I cant wait to try more of your workouts! I'm sooooooooooooooooo doing this one again!

  2. This workout have been part of my workout routine for 2 months.I got to say it truly is extraordinary and does more than toning your body but also helps you become stronger. Thanks for posting such a great workout!

  3. I just want to tell you, this has COMPLETLY CHANGED MY BODY, I LOVVVEEEEE this workout, and I do it every single day. Not being dramatic when I say that this is the best workout video on youtube!!

  4. I want a exercise where we don't want to force ourselves to get abs or like get into zero size but just to be stay fit and energize my body. I feel so good after doing it 😃😃 even though it's second day of my workout. Thankyou for uploading such a good video MS. Nishi😅😝

    Waist~ 26 inches
    Love Handles~ 30 inches
    WEEK 1:
    (Day 1)`✓ (Feb 17)
    – I couldn't do it fully without taking a break since it's my first time doing pilates. It's hella difficult.
    (Day 2)`✓ (Feb 18)
    – Actually I'm kinda getting better at my balance but still struggling.
    (Day 3)`✓ (Feb 19)
    – Still struggling with my balance.
    (Day 4)`
    (Day 5)`
    (Day 6)`
    (Day 7)`

    L i k e t o r e m i n d m e
    t o u p d a t e ~

  6. here i’m going to this every day for a week (:

    day 1: ~~ injury still hurts (in the butt) so i cant lift my leg up that high or do the floor poses properly. its getting better though!
    day 2: done but still can’t do all poses do to injury- still getting better and better every try!

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