Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

45 Minute At Home Pilates Class – lots of you have requested a longer routine so I hope you enjoy this one. Share your pilates moves with me on Instagram: …

By Ronnie

21 thoughts on “45 Minute At Home Pilates Class”
  1. Thank you so much Lottie! I really enjoyed this exercise with you. It's difficult to find good moment how to breath in and breath out when I did alone.. Could you please explain more when we need inhale and exhale? 🙂

  2. This is a very good routine for weekend morning, help energising the flow of body, thank you for the sharing. Love to see more 45 mins sessions coming!

  3. These routines have been very useful during these current times. I am in agreement with the other comments please can we have more longer routines?? Thank you!

  4. My first class with you and liked the class very much. I have issues with vertigo, so the side planks I had to eliminate. Would be nice to provide alternatives for ud dizzy dames!

  5. LOTTE THANK YOU! your videos are wonderful, they have saved my sanity through this pandemic. I appreciate the pace, clear instruction, and great sound, you are the best I have worked with in any video. Arna

  6. Great class. I’ve been horrible and haven’t commented, but I’ve done this class probably 6 times. I’m noticing more strength and stability in my posses. And my breathing is becoming easier. Thank you for taking the time and offering this class for us to take complementary.

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